When Texas Emergency began its work connecting essential resources, we knew that our way to success was through a coalition mentality. We also acknowledged that the essential services to assess were food, fuel, and shelter. Being that two of those three essential services were food and fuel, we knew we needed to approach the Texas Food & Fuel Association to join our coalition. This organization has provided us with invaluable insight on how Texas handles emergencies and times of crisis.

The Texas Food and Fuel Association is a non-profit that was started in 1949 after a need arose; fuel retailers needed to come together for issues that affected them all. Since then, the association has grown in its 70 years of operation to become a major player in Texas networking, oil & gas education, and in policy reform. The organization’s members comprise a total fuel volume that runs about 9 billion gallons each year.

This organization is considered highly regarded in the food and fuel industry: retailers in the lone star state know of TFFA’s multiple offerings including the Fuel & Convenience Summit and the Southwest Fuel and Convenience Expo.

The Texas Food and Fuel Association, along with all of our other coalition members, remains a voice of insight and guidance that ensures the Texas Emergency Essential Services Index remains successful in its mission.

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