Going into this endeavor, of indexing essential service resources, we knew that we needed a strategic plan above all else. That means we wanted a procedure in place before we proceeded with any action. That strategic plan is threefold. It involves phases 1,2, and 3.

Phase 1 would involve working out the kinks. This is the process of getting essential service partners onboard with our mission and our system. In summary, before we start running, we need to learn to walk. We’ll introduce each location (be it food, fuel, or shelter) to the index system and ensure that operational status reporting begins. During this time, we aim to get businesses self-reporting with success for an extended period of time.

Phase 2 would involve applying that intelligent data to ArcGIS. The self-reported data, once verified and validated, will be applied onto mapping technology. This phase is really about gathering data and making it presentable.

Phase 3 would be the last step that requires the most care: rolling that data into the public domain. The resource index should be only available when its fully ready for consumer use.

These phases rolling out in their appropriate time is critical to this index gaining momentum. Only with methodical planning and thorough preparation can Texas Emergency ensure success of the program.

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