Texas Emergency feels that public education is a crucial aspect of our mission. We know that to proceed in this collaborative realm, public education and awareness is key. That means, ensuring the public domain is knowledgeable of what resources are out there in times of crises. However, we also recognize it will take quite some time to get there.

Because of consumer behavior, when is generally reactionary and panicky, we know that our system needs to be flawless before its released to consumers. The last thing we’d want to do is push out a tool that isn’t ready. As such, we plan on implementing the essential services index amongst resources first. This will ensure the consumer isn’t approached prematurely.

During our preliminary work of getting resources onboard with self-reporting (their operational statuses), we will do our part to work on public education. We aim to start a blog and social media that will provide tips and safety precautions that are useful in times of disaster. In short, before we approach the public with our resource index, we’ll serve as a credible source on emergency management. Our goal of public education is not primarily to have the public using our index, but the broader goal is to be a resource ourselves.

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