In times of disaster or crisis, citizens look to their local Waffle House to determine threat levels. For example, you might hear someone say, “Waffle House is still open, so things must be okay.” Waffle Houses, in each community, serve as beacons and indicators to determine how severe the storm is.

When it comes to assessing resources’ operational statuses, the Texas Emergency Essential Services Index is taking a page from Waffle House’s book. Each Waffle House location, during a storm or disaster, reports back to headquarters with a status color. Each location reports whether its green (which is fully operational), yellow (which means limited services are offered), or red (which is a closed site). We at Texas Emergency felt this system was stellar. As such, our implementation involves food, fuel, and shelter resources reporting their own operational statuses as green, yellow, or red.

When resources begin consistently reporting, a network of dynamic data builds itself.

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