In the state of Texas, drivers understand the importance of the LOGO program. The LOGO program, managed and maintained by TxDOT, involves each and every blue sign on interstate highways that document which food, fuel, and lodging businesses are at each exit. There are over 5,000 businesses that comprise this program. These businesses contract with TxDOT to rent space on each sign on an annual basis. Needless to say, the importance of these businesses connecting with TxDOT is profound.

You see, the LOGO signs act as guideposts. They inform drivers when they’ll get their next coffee for their long drive, where they’ll take a bathroom break, or even which cuisine is up ahead. The signs are a powerful tool through which TxDOT takes care of its drivers.

All of this is to say that the LOGO program is huge. Those businesses that fill up square inches of the blue signs are pivotal in the success of the Texas Department of Transportation. Without the indicator of what’s to come, drivers would feel in the dark, resource-less, and anxious about what lies ahead. The LOGO program, guided by TxDOT, is robust and resourceful.

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