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The Texas Essential Services Network is a coalition of businesses that provide Fuel, Food, and Lodging services that serve the state of Texas. In the event of an emergency, this network will be utilized to coordinate the status of services. The Texas Essential Services Network is a applying for a non-profit 501(c)(6) representing various trade associations and individual businesses that serve the public sector.

They Say

What I would like to know is which businesses are open, closed, and which have limited services. If I can find out why a gas station is not servicing the public in the time of an emergency I might be able to coordinate resources.

Chief Nim Kidd
Chief Nim KiddTexas Division of Emergency Management

Since 1949, issues that affect the fuel industry have been at the forefront of TFFA's members minds. And the knowledge that we have, we bring into the SOC.

Scott Fisher
Scott FisherTexas Food & Fuel Association

Texas Emergency Essential Services Network is an excellent way to extend beyond the LOGO program. Sure, our participants will get involved, but TEN will seek all resources for the betterment of Texans during disasters.

Matt Johnston
Matt JohnstonLonestar Logos